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Bar Stool

Bar stool


This fabulous recreational bar stool adds a comfy, creative touch to any entertainment area. It also works well in a home office or professional setting. A sleek, curved seat elegantly blends with a stylish, square back with rounded edges. Its high-shine chrome finish base fits appealingly with a modern decor style. You'll enjoy hours of relaxing comfort and easy adjustability when you settle into this comfortable, durable seat.

Beige, Black leatherette available

* Piece: Adjustable Bar Stool-Lowest
Width: 19.75 in
Depth: 20 in
Height: 37.5 in
Seat Height: 25 in

* Piece: Adjustable Bar Stool-Highest
Width: 19.75 in
Depth: 20 in
Height: 43 in
Seat Height: 30.5 in

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