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Bar Stool

Bar stool

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Make a bold statement with the modern silhouette of this creative, contemporary bar stool. Elegant, wave-like curves are offset by a strong, sturdy base, enhancing its modern appeal. A supportive seat back and foot rest add extra comfort to its artistic design. With its attractive walnut wood finish seat accentuated by a shining chrome base, it lends a trendy touch of panache to a kitchen island or wine bar. Conveniently adjustable, this sleek, stylish stool is sure to be a conversation starter wherever you choose to place it.

* Piece: Adjustable Bar Stool-Lowest
Width: 14.5 in
Depth: 17.5 in
Height: 30.5 in
Seat Height: 24 in

* Piece: Adjustable Bar Stool-Highest
Width: 14.5 in
Depth: 17.5 in
Height: 36 in
Seat Height: 29.5 in

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