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Sectional Sofabed

Sofa Bed


Dark gray chenille fabric

Solid wood and plywood frame
Foam padding over pocket coils
Chenille fabric upholstery
Loose back and attached seat cushions
Exposed feet with faux wood finish
Tufted detail
RSF 2-seater with pull-out bed and stools
LSF chaise with hidden storage
2 stools included
Fabric Type: Chenille
Fabric Content: 100% polyester

* Not Reversible Chaise.

Chaise: 39"W x 63"D x 40"H
2-seater: 63"W x 36"D x 40"H

Sofa + Chaise total size : 102"W x 63"D (249 cm x 168 cm)

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전체 길이가 102인치 x 63인치 입니다.

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