Sofa bed

Sofa Bed
Loveseat Bed
Chair Bed

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Pale pink fabric sofabed
European high quality sofabed

This Collection is soft and inviting with tufted cushions and decorative contrasting

Superior ergonomics supported by large sitting area.
Durable and long lasting framework with metal construction.
Practically effortless operating mechanism.
Contemporary upholstery with exclusive tailoring and fine detailing.
Minimal assembly required.
Steel innerspring coils with wrapped foam fill.
Made in Europe.

<Care Notice>
Clean with a water-based shampoo or upholstery cleaner.
Do not over wet.
Do not use solvents to spot clean.
Do not over agitate the fabric while cleaning.

Sofa : 76"W x 36"D x 35"H (193 cm x 92 cm x 89 cm H)
Bed : 46"W x 76"D

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