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Real leather sofa







The sofa set is one you’ll want to spend lots of time in. This beautiful mustard or watery leather sofa features same tone stitching and unique wood block legs. Its deep, comfy seat and flared padded arms give it an incredible sink-right-in quality that’s perfect for the whole family.

Watery(Blue Gray), Mustard Real Leather available
Made in Italy.

Loose Back & Tight Seat Cushion (3+3)
SEAT: Webbing Inside Frame: Wood, Same Tone Stitching, Box Cushion
BACKREST: Loose Cushion
ARMREST: Flared Style (Slightly Sloped on Top), Arm Size: 6 Inches
Wooden Block LEG: Dark Walnut Finish Leg Size: 3 Inches
Material: Leather (Solid Pattern)

Sofa : 79" x 36" x 31"H
Loveseat : 57" x 36" x 31"H
Chair : 33" x 36" x 31"H

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