Real leather sofa


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all - in stock

The sofa set is one you’ll want to spend lots of time in. Designed with contemporary fashion, this beautiful moss green or pearl gray leather sofa features a “T” shaped cushion with contrast tone stitching and unique tapered wood legs. Its deep, comfy seat and slope style padded arms give it an incredible sink-right-in quality that’s perfect for the whole family.

Moss Green, Pearl Gray Real Leather available
Made in Italy.

Loose Back & Tight Seat Cushion (3+3)
SEAT: Webbing Inside Frame: Wood, Same Tone Stitching, "T" Shape Cushion
BACKREST: Loose Cushion
ARMREST: Flared Style, Arm Size: 6 Inches
Wooden Tapered LEG: Dark Walnut Finish Leg Size: 6 Inches
Material: Leather (Solid Pattern)

Sofa : 83" x 36" x 32"H
Loveseat : 58" x 36" x 32"H
Chair : 34" x 36" x 32"H

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