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Table only







Contemporary furniture style with clean lines and beautiful details, like this collection, will sure to elevate your everyday dining space
Table is constructed of metal in a polished chrome finish that are easy to care for and valued for durability
Table top has unique exposed leg post an design, an insert of 12mm thick, white frosted tempered glass and seats up to six nicely
White tempered glass top: Provides strength and durability
Product materials: Pure white tempered, stainless steel
Table finish: White and Chrome
Leg finish: Chrome

* Table only

Table: 64"W x 37"D x 30"H

테이블은 유리 탑과 크롬 다리 입니다.
테이블은 6인용으로 64인치 x 37인치 입니다.
뜨거운 것을 올릴 때는 보호판을 놓아 주세요.

* 테이블만 가능해요.

<식탁공간 체크>
의자 하나는 23인치로 계산해요.
의자 4개를 사용하실 경우,
64" x 37" + (23" + 23") => 64" x 83" (163 cm x 211 cm)

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